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Xplora —The gift that will give all year long!

Xplora —The gift that will give all year long!

Each year parents put a tremendous amount of love and thought into what gifts to get their children for Christmas…only to have the perfect toy used for two weeks and then be forgotten about. Many children already have all the gaming systems, clothing, and toys they could possibly want.This Christmas might be the first time they add a phone to their wish list

Many parents struggle with the idea to give their children a cell phone because of all of the scary things that come along with it. Xplora has created the perfect alternative to a cell phone, allowing children to stay connected with friends and family in a much safer way! 

This is why we believe Xplora smartwatches are the gift that will give all year long! Smartwatches have become the latest tech fad over the past couple of years. They help you stay connected to family and friends. With abilities to read and respond to texts, social media, measure activity, and of course.. tell time it is easy to see why people love them. But how safe is an average smartwatch to hand over to a child. This is where we stepped up to the plate.


We believe it’s best to wait as long as possible before caving in and giving younger children a regular smartphone, which comes with an overwhelming level of features and content that's only suitable for adults. Let’s be honest, children do not yet have the cognitive maturity to process the amount of content and applications that a normal smartphone has available. Children are not a point of maturity when it comes to critical thinking - which is very important when navigating through the digital world without supervision or parental control. That’s why Xplora smartwatches have been specifically designed to exclude all access to social media and the Internet. In a recent survey, 98% percent of people completely agree that young children should not be on the internet without good parental control. With our smart parenting app, parents have a full overview of the smartwatch!

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A Variety of Smart and Safe Features

Xplora smartwatches make everyday life easier and more fun – for both children and adults. Here at Xplora it is our mission to give children a safe introduction to the digital world with restricted access to the Internet with all its unwanted content

With the Xplora smartwatch, children can call and send messages to their contact list. In the parental app, you can easily define who your children should be in contact with, and see your child’s exact location in real time using the GPS function - where you can also set safety zones. Many children and parents have experienced these functions as a great security in everyday life, simplifying a mix of situations, as well as improving quality of life. Most importantly, children can expand their radius of play allowing for more independence - a somewhat liberating and exciting process for most kids. Now you as a parent can sit back (a little more!), and know that you can maintain contact - even when your child is out on their own adventures!

Lets not  forget school mode! In the parental app, you can set the watch in school mode, so there are no interruptions during class or free time. Absolutely ingenious - it doesn't get any easier than that.

Learn about how we make sure there will be no distractions in class with an Xplora smartwatch

For kids, one of their favorite features is a camera that can take pictures and videos. With this, children also get to document important moments in everyday life - and can send them to parents, grandparents and close friends to share their most important moments. Those who are reading this can understand how significant it is for both the child and the lucky recipient. The photos can only be shared with the pre-saved contacts stored in the parents’ app.

All these features and more are designed into the smartwatch - which suits the child's lifestyle; it fits well on the wrist, it is practical and does not fall off even in an active everyday life! And unlike the smartphone, the watch is not as easily forgotten. Many parents tell us that their older children still use Xplora watches precisely because they do not weigh in their pockets or get in the way of activities - it is part of the child's everyday life without interfering with their development. We applaud this! Let children explore the world without attachments and unnecessary distractions!

You can learn more in detail of all of our features here!


Build the Excitement Around Your Child’s First Phone! 

Getting the first phone is a big moment for many children. Along with smart choices from parents, this experience can be steered in a positive direction from the very beginning, and form the basis for healthy and good values ​​going forward, not to expose the child to content. Last but not least, they are not yet ready to digest. That is why so many parents recommend our smartwatches as a perfect alternative to regular mobile phones!

We want to wish you a safe and happy holiday season and please feel free to reach out to us on social media @Xplora_US if you have any questions regarding our products. We hope to connect with you! 

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