The Xplora XGO3 smart watch for kids is designed with care for ages 4 and up. This entry level smart watch provides comfort, connectivity, and peace of mind for the whole family. With smartphone capabilities, children can discover and communicate with ease, ensuring a carefree and connected experience.

Voice Calls

Make and receive calls from pre-saved numbers


Receive texts, emojis, images, and voice messages and reply with voice messages, pre-defined texts, videos, images, and emojis


In an emergency & SOS button can be pressed by the child to notify emergency contacts

GPS & Safety Zones

Location Tracking (Including GPS). Set Safety Zones around key locations such as home and school

Step Counter & Activity Platform

Kids receive 1 Xplora Coin for every 1,000 steps they take. Xplora Coins are valid in the unique Activity Platform that features fun games, educational content activities, and exciting campaigns

WiFi & Network Compatibility 

Comes complete with a pre-installed Xplora Connect SIM card. A monthly subscription plan is required. Prices from $9.99 to $13.99 per month (excluding sales tax)

Color: Black
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Xplora Connect SIM plan

The watch requires and ships with a SIM card for network connectivity. You choose between our preferable plans during the activation process. A monthly subscription plan is required. Prices from $9.99 to $13.99 per month (excluding sales tax)

All plans come with:

  • Unlimited nationwide
  • Talk, Text & Data
  • 4G LTE Coverage
  • No Activation Fee

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Peace of mind

The watch can have a few issues but customer service is wonderful and so helpful. This watch allows me peace of mind of for my child’s safety and location so I can give him the freedom of playing with friends in the neighborhood. We will be longtime subscribers!

Nice watch

This is a nice watch, great color choices and great to track your kids. Note that you do need to get a subscription with the watch that comes at an additional cost, but if you want to track your kids and have the have an intro to a device without giving them a phone, this would be it!

It Is Just what I Needed

I find this device an excellent tool to stay connected with my daughter and ensure her safety. One of the features I appreciate the most is the messaging and calling feature that is only possible to contacts I added in the app, allowing me to control who she communicates with. The notifications on my phone are incredibly helpful, and the ability to access her location and set safety zones provides an extra level of peace of mind. Overall, I'm super happy with my purchase.

The initial setup is where I confused myself and entered the wrong phone number, the process was relatively straightforward. I suggest being patient while waiting for the correct number to arrive, which typically takes around 20 minutes.

5 year old loves it!

This watch is a must if you’re looking for easy to work with, does what it says it can do and best of all, your kid will love!

Good smartwatch for kids

Children's smartwatches are a reliable solution for parents who want to track the location and communicate with their child. Comfortable, durable, with GPS functionality and parental controls. An excellent choice for everyday use and the safety of your child. My daughter is very happy, she is 4 years old.

Nice watch

Very simple interface and easy for kids to use. I like the idea that my kids can call me if needed however this requires a subscription. The gps feature is nice but I’d like to see if there’s a way to deactivate that but other than that my kids will have fun telling the time and using it to take photos.

My daughter loves it!

Super cute watch and has many colors to choose from too! My daughter is tech savvy so learning how to operate this watch was a breeze! Highly recommended!

Call & send messages to your loved ones

Children can easily reach out to their pre-approved contacts with phone, voice messages, emojis and chat. Makes every day life for your family so much easier!

Keep track of your child with GPS & safe zones

With the advanced GPS function, parents can effortlessly track their child's real-time location, ensuring their well-being and granting peace of mind. Easily set up safety zones where your child can roam free and experience the small wonders of the world!

Kids walk 2.5x more
with our Activity Platform

With our award-winning activity platform kids are encouraged, motivated and rewarded just by being an active child! For every one thousand step they take, they will earn an Xplora coin that can be used on fun and educational age-appropriate content!

Xplora Connect

Our Innovative SIM Solution for Seamless Connectivity. Stay connected with your child anytime, anywhere through Xplora Connect, our tailored SIM solution designed exclusively for Xplora smartwatches. Enjoy reliable network coverage, enhanced calling and messaging capabilities, and the convenience of a hassle-free setup.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Xplora XGO3 smart watch work?

What is the difference between XGO2 and XGO3?

The Xplora XGO3 has replaced the XGO2 and now includes a better camera, a longer-lasting battery, and more water resistance.

Can I limit who my child can communicate with on the Xplora smart watch?

Yes, you can create a pre-approved contact list on the Xplora smartwatch. Your child will only be able to make and receive calls and messages from the approved contacts, ensuring their safety and security.

Does the Xplora watch need a data plan?

This watch requires an active mobile subscription to utilize all available features and comes preinstalled with an Xplora SIM card.

How accurate is the GPS tracking feature on the Xplora smart watch?

The GPS tracking feature on Xplora smart watches provides accurate real-time location data. However, keep in mind that factors like network coverage and environmental conditions may slightly affect the precision. Overall, it offers a reliable way to track your child's whereabouts.

XGO3 Smartwatch


Xplora Connect Sim Card, Pre-installed in the Watch

Quick Start Guide


Chipset: Unisoc W307
CPU: 1.2GHz Quad-core ARM Cortex A7
Battery: 850 mAh
Camera: 2MP
Memory: 128MB RAM + 128MB internal storage
Water Resistance: IP68
Display: 1.3" TFT (240 x 240 px)


Network: 4G, 3G & 2G
GPS + WiFi + LBS
OS: Android
Charger: Micro-USB
Sensor: G-Sensor
SIM Card: Nano SIM Card


Stand-by time: 72 hours
Weight: 47.5g
48.65 x 41.2 x 14.6 mm
Colors: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, or Pink