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Get Your Child to School Safely

Get Your Child to School Safely

Have you been struggling with considering how much independence to give your child and when? It really is the hardest thing to do — letting go as our children grow up. A question you may ask yourself this school year is should I allow my child to walk or commute to school alone? 

With the Xplora X5 Play you can have a piece of mind knowing your child has made it to school safely. The Xplora smartwatch features allows us as parents to feel more comfortable with this idea. There are two features in particular that will help ease this transition. 

Xplora is a three-part service consisting of:

  1. Xplora's smartwatch
  2. Xplora's own parent app
  3. SIM card provided by Xplora

Our smartwatch Xplora X5 Play is equipped with:

📱 Call function

📍 GPS function

🏫 School mode

📸 Camera

👟 Pedometer

🗣Voice messages

No social media and internet

🆘SOS button



With a smartwatch from Xplora, your child can go to and from school safely. The X5 Play uses GPS in combination with GSM and WIFI triangulation to keep parents informed where your children are at all times. You can see from the parent app that your child has arrived at school safely. 

And don't worry, when neither GPS nor WiFi are available (which is less and less common nowadays), the watch uses the position of mobile antennas to triangulate its position!





School mode is a setting that you can create fixed on/off times that prevents children from using the smartwatch during school hours. During this time no other functions are available for the child. This is controlled by parents through our parent app, and it is not possible for children to manage the settings themselves. In case of emergencies your child can use the SOS mode to send a direct message.

Now you can postpone the purchase of a regular expensive smartphone.With an Xplora smartwatch, children can be children – and adults can still be in control!

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