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Xplora Smartwatch Parent App - Full Guide

Xplora Smartwatch Parent App - Full Guide

Now that you've purchased a smartwatch from Xplora for your child, it's time to explore all the possibilities that open up! Get to know the features of our parenting app better with this guide. 

Our innovative smartwatches with ring function are the perfect introduction to the digital world! With its tailor-made solutions for children, Xplora offers parents security, predictability and an overview. At the same time children get to feel more freedom, play and independence. While the watch itself has a calling, messaging, camera, pedometer, alarm, GPS functions integrated, parents manage the watch via their user in the Xplora app. There you get notifications about activity, define the child's approved contacts, track the watch's position, set up safe zones and create school mode and more.

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Let's take you through the different features as they appear in the app!

Home page

When you open the app, you get a homepage that shows all the information about the selected child's watch. If you have several clocks associated with your user, you can swipe horizontally back and forth to switch between the various clock profiles.

On this collection page, you can send messages and call the child's watch, as well as track the watch's GPS position to see where the child is in real time. You can also define approved contacts, create alarms and activate school mode. 

Under the cogwheel at the bottom right, you can update the settings related to your profile. Here you will find, among other things, which contact details you have registered, as well as changing passwords and more. Under the icon at the bottom left, you will find an overview of the latest updates and content from Xplora's activity platform. 

Pedometers and badges

If you scroll down on the home page, you can see the number of steps the child has taken during the current year. Here you will also find information about which milestones and marks the child has achieved. The different levels are: 

Iron from 50,000 steps.
Bronze from 100,000 steps.
Silver from 250,000 steps.
Gold from 500,000 steps.
Platinum from 1,000,000 steps.
Platinum plus from 1,500,000 steps.
Diamond from 2,000,000 steps.
Diamond plus from 3,000,000 steps.
Black Diamond from 3,500,000 steps.

Xplora Coins and experiences 

For every thousand steps the child takes, they receive an Xplora coin. Below the child's badges, there is at any time an overview of the child's earned coins, as well as the number of adventures the child is registered for. Read more about Xplora's activity platform here!


In the app, you can define up to 50 approved contacts, including 2 main contacts. These then appear in the contact list on the child's watch. The first person to sync the watch with their Xplora user automatically becomes the watch's sole administrator and can then approve an additional administrator. For more information on how to add new contacts, click here!

Get the full overview with Xplora's smart parenting app!

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