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Xplora X6Play - GPS Tracking - Activity Tracker - Kids Phone Watch - Smartwatch for Boys & Girls

Designed for kids - loved by parents.

The X6Play is technically a major leap into the future. Enjoy a faster processor, a sharper and brighter screen, and much more.

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All the Features You Need

Why do they love it?

This is the technology

With the X6Play your child will be encouraged to get more active in a playful, safe and fun way! Let the kids run free and explore the real world - Xplora takes care of the rest!

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Recommended age

4-7 years old

7 years old and above





Yes, 0.8W

Yes, 0.9W


+ 128MB Internal Storage

+ 8 GB Internal Storage





1.3” TFT

1.52” TFT


Unisoc W307

Qualcomm 2500

Water Resistance*







48.65 x 41.2 x 14.6 mm

51 x 42.4 x 14.7 mm





4G, 3G & 2G







Comes with two frames and loops in lime green and pink.

*Our smartwatches have been tested under controlled laboratory conditions and are classified as water and dust resistant according to IP67/IP67. However, we recommend removing the smartwatch before coming into contact with water! The protection against water and dust is not permanent and may diminish over time as a result of normal wear and tear. A wet Xplora Smartwatch should not be charged. The warranty does not cover damage caused by liquids.

No Access to Internet

Xplora's smartwatches prioritize
safety and control, ensuring a secure experience by not providing access to the internet.

No Unwanted Calls

Parents maintain control over
smartwatch contacts through the
comprehensive management
features of the Xplora app.

No Social Media

Xplora's smartwatches shield kids
from exposure to social media,
fostering a safe and age-appropriate
digital experience.

Easy Charging

The X6Play comes with a convenient and compact charger, featuring easy USB connection, plus 72-hour standby capacity, ensuring your child's smartwatch is always ready for action.

Parental Control

With the Xplora Parental App you can manage the entire watch and have full control over functions - such as keeping track on GPS, set safe zones, alarms and school mode.

The app also gives instant access to the Activity Platform where kids can join adventures, track their steps and earn Xplora Coins!

 Mix & Match

Every child is unique, with their own favorite color, and they can have that reflected in their smartwatch too!

Children can personalize their X6Play with a vast array of strap, loop, and frame color combinations, allowing them to express their identity and emotions.

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Frequently asked questions about the X6Play

Get quick answers to frequently asked questions about the X6Play smartwatch. For more detailed information and further inquiries, please visit our Help Center.

Why should I consider an Xplora Smartwatch over Cell Phone?

Xplora smartwatches are designed to keep children safer. They allow you to stay connected throughout the day like a cell phone. However, they have no access to the internet, social media, and pre-approved contacts, Xplora smartwatches are a perfect alternative. 

How are Xplora smartwatches safe for kids?

Xplora smartwatches are controlled by the parents and have no access to the internet, social media, or addictive games!

Do Xplora smartwatches have GPS tracking?

Xplora smartwatches are equipped with a GPS Tracker for live location tracking and the ability to create Safe Zones.

What is the recommended age for an Xplora Smartwatch?

Xplora smartwatches are designed for children ages 4 and up.

Do you need a subscription and if so, how much does it cost?

Yes, You can choose between our preferred plans. Our current monthly plans range from $9.99 to $13.99.

Do the smartwatches come with a warranty?

Xplora smartwatches come with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. If you encounter any firmware or technical issues within this period we will gladly fix them.

How is the Xplora Smartwatch different from the lower-cost smartwatches?

One of the key differences is that with low-cost smartwatches, you cannot make or receive calls, texts, and video messages.