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Xplora - The #1 Selling Smart Watch For Kids!

Xplora - The #1 Selling Smart Watch For Kids!

The smartwatch cell phones from Xplora are trusted by over 2 million parents and loved by kids. Find out why this extraordinary Scandinavian design device is taking the world by storm! 

Since 2016 Xplora has perfected the smartwatch category uniquely designed for kids. Xplora has sold 1.2 million devices all over the world making Xplora one of the most trusted kids smartwatch manufactures in the world.

Finally this innovative and state of the art product is available for US customers through Amazon, Walmart, and several other retailers both in store and online! A device that is much needed in a chaotic and modern world.

Check out all the functions that make the Xplora smartwatches a unique device in a jungle of developers and companies that aim for a more grown up audience. Xplora is specially designed for kids and loved by parents! 

⌚ Call & Message all loved ones! 

🗺 GPS-function to locate your child. Add and set your own safety zones!

👩‍🏫 School Mode for no distractions in class! 

📸 Cool built-in camera so kids can take photos on the go. 

🤸‍♀️ A step counter on the watch will help kids stay active, entertained, educated & rewarded with the Xplora Activity universe! 

Why Xplora instead of others? 

The market is filled with smartwatches - and phone products, but not many are made with the adventurous life of our dearest in mind - our kids! Xplora wanted to do something about that. What our children need is pretty far from the technology that is fronted in the adult segment! Experts have been warning for a long time and many studies show that social media, games, videos, and a lot of the free access Internet services are not suitable for young children.

Check out the Premium model - the X6Play kids smartwatch.

At the same time, we know that many families are struggling to balance the activity of their kids and the fast-increasing screen time of our youngest. Our kids are getting more and more unhealthy! Studies show that this is one of the biggest concerns among parents today.

So, a solution to all of this is actually pretty simple: With an Xplora smartwatch parents get peace of mind, and kids can be active and explore the real world the way they are supposed to! At the same time they have a fun device with the possibility to call and message their loved ones - just a click away right there on the wrist of their arm! 

So how do we do it? 

First of all - the Xplora smartwatches are stripped for all free Internet access and social media! In this way our kids are safe from all the unwanted content they normally would be exposed to on a smartphone or adult smartwatch. 

Second - the smartwatches have a dedicated built-in GPS which accurately shows parents where their kids are! This function can be used to set up safety zones and alarms if the kids wander too far away. But remember - kids should be allowed to be free, explore and make mistakes on their own. Xplora does not support surveillance use, but wants to be precise about the use of GPS - it is solely a safety feature to be used in the correct manner!

Checkout the entry level option with the XGO3 kids smartwatch.

A smartwatch from Xplora is first and foremost the perfect first cell phone for kids aged 4 to 11 years old! Parents can add up to 50 contacts that the kid can call and message when they like and how much they want to. This also means that no other one than those registered by you as parents will be allowed to contact the kids!

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Let the kids run free!

One of Xplora’s main visions is to let kids be kids in all their glory! Active, free, adventurous, playful, educated, social, friendly, and all in between! In a world that is rapidly changing we need new technology to help us out sometimes - the most important is that we make use of the technology in good ways, and that is exactly what Xplora is about: Making a device that makes everyday life easier, gives incentives to a healthy and active lifestyle and that makes kids have the time of their life and create childhood memories to remember! 

There will be a time for everyone to be grown up and adult. Now is not the time for our kids.

So, let the kids run free - Xplora will take care of the rest!

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