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Why is a smartwatch the best choice for kids?

Why is a smartwatch the best choice for kids?

Schools are starting up again - have you been thinking about giving your kid a smartphone? Wait! There are many reasons that a smartwatch might be a much better alternative!

School is starting up all around the country, and for many it is time to introduce their kid to their first mobile phone and connect them to the digital world.

For many parents, a mobile phone can be an important tool for always knowing where the child is located and to reach them whenever is needed. It also makes everyday life easier for the whole family, with all the coordination and logistics that come with children! 

700,000 parents have already chosen an Xplora smartwatch with full connectivity with calls and messages for their children! There are many reasons why. 

Let the kids run free!

Xplora was founded with a clear goal and a lofty vision: To let children explore the world in a safe and healthy way. It is known through research today that secure and active children have better conditions for manoeuvring life and finding their place in the world. Facilitating this is something Xplora lives and breathes for.

There were no mobile products on the market that were specifically designed and suitable for children before Xplora introduced its smartwatches made for children. Now you can postpone the purchase of a regular expensive smartphone, which comes with a lot of content aimed at the elderly and adults – content and functions that children absolutely do not need.

With an Xplora smartwatch, children can be children – and adults can still be in control!

You can define who your child should have contact with – simply in our parenting app. The same app also gives you information about where your child is with the built in and accurate GPS.

Our smartwatch Xplora X6 Play is equipped with:

✔️ Call function

✔️ GPS function

✔️ School mode

✔️ Camera

✔️ Pedometer

✔️ Voice messages

✔️ No social media and internet

✔️ SOS button

Why Xplora smartwatch for the start of school?

Xplora is a safe introduction to the mobile and digital world. Our smartwatches are safe and simple to use. We have removed social media, access to the internet, and inappropriate content. In that way, children and parents can focus on the most important thing: keeping in touch with their loved ones.

Xplora is a three-part service consisting of:

  1. Xplora's smartwatch
  2. Xplora's own parent app
  3. SIM card provided by Xplora

We have removed all the features of the smartphone that are undesirable for children. At the same time, we have kept all the basic functions (calls and voice messages) in addition to sophisticated GPS. To make it as easy as possible for users, we have put together a product with a fully installed SIM card and an associated app that makes this a "one-stop-shop" experience.

With a smartwatch from Xplora, your child can go to and from school, and you and your child can reach each other via the call function. Many parents we speak to think it is good to know that they can call the child - and not least vice versa; that the child can call Mom or Dad if there is anything they want or need, or are in some kind of trouble.

What is school mode?

School Mode is a setting for fixed on/off times that prevents children from us in the smartwatch outside the specified times. Then the smartwatch work exclusively as a normal watch – and no other functions are available for the child. This is controlled by parents through our parent app, and it is not possible for children to manage themselves. In that way, the smart watch is not a disturbance in the classroom for the children or teacher. The pedometer works even if school mode is on and can therefore continue to inspire extra activity in everyday life.

What about camera?

Children who take pictures of themselves or other children and publish them online can get exposure far beyond what was intended. It is therefore important that children who have mobile phones with a camera, have clear limits on what the camera can be used for.

For small children, it may be a good idea to avoid the camera. Mobile phones without cameras are starting to become rare, and there are therefore eventually few alternatives to choose from. If Xplora is in school mode, the camera function is also disabled.

As previously mentioned, there is no access to the internet on the smartwatch, so sharing on social media or online is not possible. In addition, the images taken with the smartwatch are only shared with pre-approved contacts, which is why the smartwatch is a super option for the youngest children. 

Good luck with the start of school!

The start of school is exciting, regardless of whether the child is having his very first day of school or is "just" starting in a new class. A new school year is always exciting for young and old alike – a new class, new friends, maybe a new school.

We hope and believe truly that our smartwatch will contribute to an easier start to school for both young and old, and Xplora wish good luck to you all!

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