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These feet are made for walking!

These feet are made for walking!

In the grand, untamed wilderness of the living room, past the treacherous Sofa Mountains and the perilous Lego Tundra, lies a forgotten activity that could change the course of childhood as we know it: walking. That ancient mode of transportation before the advent of hoverboards, e-scooters, and, let's not forget, parents' rideshare services. Let's lace up our sneakers, Xplora kids certainly do, and take a whimsical wander through why we at Xplora incentivize kids to keep walking. 


Actually, in 2023, kids in Europe and the US have walked 8,031 times around the globe combined, with an Xplora smartwatch on their wrist. In January, the Xplora kids in the US walked an average of almost 8,000 steps a day. Hats off to Danish kids who were the most active and on average walked more than 10,000 steps a day. 

So why do we incentivize walking throughout everything we do?

The Great Outdoors Await!

First off, walking is the perfect excuse to explore the Great Indoors or the Wild Outdoors. Whether it's a safari in the backyard hunting for elusive, exotic bugs or a daring expedition to the kitchen for a snack, walking gets the little adventurers moving. It's a jungle out there, and someone needs to burn off that endless energy.

Superhero Training

Consider walking the first step in superhero training. How do you think Batman got around before the Batmobile? Walking strengthens those tiny muscles and bones, turning kids into ready to save the world or at least carry their own backpacks.

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Brain Boosts Galore

Walking isn't just about moving from point A to B; it's about connecting the dots in the brain. Imagine each step as a tiny high-five between brain cells, sparking creativity and supercharging learning abilities. Who knew that the path to becoming a genius was literally just a walk in the park?

Mood Magic

Ever deal with a grumpy goblin at home? Walking works like a charm to sprinkle some mood magic. It's like taking a broom to those cranky cobwebs in their minds, clearing out the grouches and letting in the sunshine. A walk a day keeps the grumps away!

Social Skills on the Go

Walking with friends or family is like a live-action social media platform, without the screens. Mind you, with the Xplora watches children have no access to Social Media or the internet, but they have full access to In Real Life interaction. Forget about posting and spreading thumbs up; the real bonding happens one step at a time.

Independence Avenue

Encouraging walking is like handing over the keys to Independence Avenue. With every step, kids learn to navigate their world, make decisions (left turn at the oak tree or right turn at the big rock?), and gain confidence. Before you know it, they'll be leading expeditions to the North Pole or at least to the neighbor's house.

Eco-Warriors in Sneakers

Walking is the ultimate eco-friendly transport. Every step is a tiny protest against pollution, a small victory for Mother Earth. Teach them young to tread lightly, and who knows? They might just save the world, or as we like to say “play to move the world”.

So there you have it, folks. Walking: the underrated, underutilized superpower of the youth. And why don’t you join them? It's time to untangle those kids from their gadgets, shoehorn them into some sneakers, and set them loose on the world (or at least the neighborhood). With an Xplora watch you can call and text them, track them and more, so while you give them freedom to explore. You get peace of mind!


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