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Spring DIY: Craft flowers! 🌸🌼

Spring DIY: Craft flowers! 🌸🌼

How to make paper flowers 🌸

Whether it’s roses, tulips or daffodils, all flowers eventually wilt - but ours stay blooming forever! 🌼

We all know the feeling: our beautiful, colourful bouquet of fresh flowers starts to wilt and the little flowers start to hang their heads. Wouldn't it be nice to have a sustainable and permanently beautiful alternative in the vase?

Today we made some great paper flowers that are super easy and fun to do with the kids. A really nice activity for everyone who likes to be creative and wants to make something decorative for the house themselves.

Nothing better than taking a selfie with your Xplora smartwatch!

The Xpora kids were very proud of their paper flowers and immediately sent a photo with their Xplora smartwatch to their grandparents! This fun craft activity is a great idea for Mother's Day or a fun gift for the next family member's birthday!

A bouquet full of handmade flowers - how cool is that?!

A bouquet full of handmade flowers - how cool is that?! 🌼

We used crepe paper in pink, orange, yellow and very light apricot. Of course, you can pick any of your favourite colours, the possibilities are endless. They also work just as well with tissue paper and look particularly beautiful if the colours come from the same colour family.

Pastel colours are a firm favourite and usually fit perfectly into most interiors.

How to make your flowers - 2 different styles

What you'll need:

  • Crepe or tissue paper
  • Wire
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Pencil
  • Something round, EG. a cup or glass

Flowers variation 1 (we think they look a bit like peonies)

  1. Cut a hand-sized pile of crepe paper, about 8-10 layers.
  2. Fold it back and forth on the long side in a zigzag pattern, like a fan or an accordion.
  3. Smooth the whole thing out again so that the folds hold better.

Instructions on how to make paper flowers

4.Then take a short piece of string and tie it in the middle of the folded paper.
5. Now round off both ends of the paper with the scissors.
Instructions on how to make paper flowers
6. Fold the two sides together (with the folds facing upwards) and hold the crepe paper in the middle.
7. Now pull each layer of paper towards the centre.
8. Do this until the flower takes shape and starts to look like a real flower!
Instructions on how to make paper flowers with Xplora

You can use the flowers like this, by hanging it up like this or tying it to a wreath.

Instructions on how to make paper flowers with Xplora

9. We cut some wire (double the length, depending on the height of the vase), take it double, put it through the middle of the flowers and then twist or twirl it together.
10. Now your flower is finished, Ta-da!
Instructions on how to make paper flowers with Xplora

Top Tip: If you like, you can use different coloured paper layers to create a multi coloured flower!

Flower variation 2 (A bit like Carnations)

  1. Cut a stack of about 8-10 layers of crepe paper. It should be slightly larger than the cup you want to use. The diameter of the cup will roughly determine the size of your flower.
  2. Place the cup on the stack of paper and draw around it with a pencil.
  3. Now an adult has to help or you can use a clamp to hold everything together: Cut out all the layers at the same time in a circle.

Make craft paper flowers with Xplora

4. Now a grown-up has to poke a hole through the middle of all the layers of paper with a pair of pointed scissors or another pointed object.
5. Then cut a piece of wire. It should be twice as long as you want your stem to be. 
Create craft paper flowers with Xplora

6. Now bend the wire in the middle and put the loop through the hole in the paper. We bend the wire loop to the side so that the petals don't slip over it. We do the same on the bottom of the paper flowers: just bend the wire to the side like a loop so that the petals stay in place.

Create craft paper flowers with Xplora

7. Now we're at the beautiful part: Start with the first one and then continue downwards. Bend each paper upwards and crimp or wavy compress it as you wish. When pressed more tightly or crimped, the flower will later resemble a carnation - only when pressed gently and wavy, it will look closer to a wild rose!

Create craft paper flowers with Xplora

As soon as all the petals have been pulled upwards, the flower is ready. You can work with several different colours here too. The children found it fun to outline the edges of the petals with a pen after they had been cut as it created some cool details! If you like, you can also wrap the wire stem with some green crepe paper for a fancy finish.

Create craft paper flowers with Xplora

We had a lot of fun making flowers and the wow effect was huge at the end: the kids proudly presented their homemade flowers to everyone and couldn't wait to give them away.

Try this craft activity at your child's next birthday and let us know how it goes! Or even suggest it at school? With the paper flowers you can even make a beautiful flower wreath for yourself and they last forever! Happy crafting everyone! 

Don't forget to upload your very own craft flowers on Instagram and tag us in it!

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