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School Mode--Know your child is safe at school with Xplora

School Mode--Know your child is safe at school with Xplora

School is your children’s second home and it is important for you to have a peace of mind knowing your child is safe when there. Xplora will help you stay connected with your children while they are at school without them being distracted by the device! Here you will find out how you can make the best possible use of the ‘School Mode’ function on Xplora's smart watches! 

Over 700,000 children across the country use an Xplora smartwatch. In the vast majority of classrooms today, children are not allowed to use their cell phones or personal tablets, as this can naturally disrupt the teaching and distract the students. Xplora smartwatches are the perfect solution for this problem.


School Mode 

Using the Xplora Parent app, parents can set up school mode. School mode puts your child’s Xplora smartwatch in sleep mode meaning the children cannot access the features. 

All features such as calling, sending messages, taking pictures are disable for the time you allotted through the parent app. The smart clock will appear on the face of the watch and nothing more! The pedometer will continue to count your child’s steps even if school mode is activated, so your child can continue to earn Xplora coins and stay motivated!

In case of emergencies the SOS button will be available. Your child is never more than one click away! The SOS button will send a message to your phone to let you know they need you.

          Continue reading to learn how to set up school mode! 


To enable school mode:

  1. Open the Xplora app on your mobile
  2. Go to the profile of the child you want to create school mode for
  3. Press "School mode" in the menu (icon on the far right)
  4. Press "New School mode" to create
  5. Set the start time (time) for when school mode will take effect. Scroll to the correct hour and the correct number of minutes. This time should be at or before the first school term. You can set several alarms if you want different times from day to day. There is room for a total of 15 different school modes. 
  6. Set the end time (time). 
  7. Under the Repeat field, you set which days you want this school mode to be active for.
  8. When you have entered the desired time frame, press Save . The school mode is now activated as long as the button on the right in the list view is turned on (red color means on , gray color means off). 
  9. Repeat the procedure to set up more school modes with different timings. 

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