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Oh hello, Spring!

Oh hello, Spring!

The beginning of Spring brings the sense of new beginnings and an opportunity to reflect. 

Welcoming longer, lighter and warmer days is certainly something we have looked forward to for the last couple of months. 

Welcome back nature 🌳

Spring is the perfect way to ease ourselves back into alfresco dining, playing outside and exploring nature. Getting the whole family back outdoors is not only endorphin boosting, but also fantastic for mental and physical health. Giving kids the freedom and independence to explore outside again, safely and securely, brings us so much joy.

A truly iconic part of springtime is the blossoming of bluebells! These pretty little flowers create carpets of blue, white, purple and even pink in our forests, woodlands, parks and maybe even your back yard! They make the perfect backdrop for afternoon strolls and photo opportunities, so make sure you capture the moment on your smartphone or your child's Xplora X5 Play smartwatch!

We’re not the only ones who enjoy the warmer weather spring brings, so do our beautiful butterflies! Did you know there are over 700 different species of butterfly in the US? Some are much more common than others, but all just as beautiful. See how many you can spot during spring! Your kids can use their Xplora smartwatch to take photos of the butterflies they find and even set them as their watch background! You can read more about the X5 Play’s camera features here.

Picnic plans 🧺

It can be hard to come up with picnic ideas to suit the whole family, especially with fussy eaters! So, here are our favourite three food ideas to take inspiration from for your next outdoor lunch! 

Mini Crustless Quiches

These little egg muffins are a perfect picnic filler to make a change from sandwiches. Use whichever veggies your family likes best!

Sausage Rolls

Either homemade or shop bought, these make a delicious picnic protein.

Fruit Skewers

Make these up pre picnic or take the fruit pieces and let the children stack their own when you’re out and about. A fun way of eating fruit!

So, grab a blanket, bring the kids (and their Xplora X5 Play smartwatch, of course!), pack a picnic and go on a hunt for nature this spring. We promise it won’t disappoint! 

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