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Discover the Ultimate Smartwatch for 11-year-olds: Xplora's X6Play.

Discover the Ultimate Smartwatch for 11-year-olds: Xplora's X6Play.

Our X6Play is the perfect option for the older kids in the Xplora audience. It packs an unbeatable combination of features and color combinations, making it a no-brainer in the segment. Want a great camera? More storage? Better battery capacity? Or a high-resolution screen? The X6Play got it all and then some. 


Express yourself to the world → The Xplora Color Party

It is a playful and fun smartwatch with countless possibilities to enable kids to personalize through physical features. We have connected emotions and identity to the straps and frames on the smartwatch, letting kids express themselves through a fresh palette of colors. It is easier than ever to switch, mix, and match, where the kids can clip on and off the straps, frames, and loops! 

One day, playful and happy; the other day, thoughtful and curious! 

3,400 color combinations, to be exact, fostering creativity and self-expression in kids. That is 931 unique swaps per day for an entire year. That's a lot of expression. Trust us, your kid will love it. 

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Sharper is always better → Higher resolution screen with animations
Sometimes, it is rather simple - the X6Play has a sharper and brighter screen, making it pleasant for the kids to look at their watch, without straining their eyes. If you are into details, here you have it:

Display Type: Digital

Display Resolution: 360 x 400 pixels

Touchscreen: Yes

Display Diagonal: 1,52"

Display Technology: TFT

What is TFT, you ask? TFT enables sharper and more vibrant images on LCD, reduces motion blur in moving images (responds faster), and ensures a viewable display from multiple angles and a thinner and lighter screen. Simple. 


Longer lasting battery  and a Super-fast Quad-core processor⚡️

What good is any electrical device if it needs to camp next to the wall socket for half its lifetime? The X6Play has a new, durable battery, ready to take on any teenager's massive battery consumption. Whether they are taking pictures, talking with friends or family, wapping through different watch faces, monitoring their steps, or struggling with finding just the right ringtone - the X6Play has the juice to handle it. 


→ Better camera! 

Speaking of cameras - the X6Play has an excellent one. Taking pictures and videos is less fun if you look like a figure from Minecraft. Jokes aside, our new camera significantly improved from its predecessor - making the images clearer and more detailed. Does more detail mean more considerable amounts of data? We're glad you asked! 

X6Play comes prepared → It has storage (8GB) in spades, with room for 10,000 high-resolution pictures. That is double that of its predecessor! 


Integration with the Activity Platform

Many things change as your kid takes their steps from child to tween. Emotions, physical development, social behavior - you name it. A real challenge. You know what's also a challenge - the exciting Activity Platform.

The award winning platform for kids is packed with cool stuff like inspirational campaigns with prizes, games, auctions with cool items and now - downloadable books, facts, ringtones and a bundle of extras for Premium members!  Tons of play and learning for your young one, which makes it so much more than a smartwatch! 

The vision is as easy as it is inspirational: The more they move - the more Xplora coins earned to use on fun and educational content! A win-win for everyone where you get the most out of your smartwatch! 

The Xplora team constantly works to keep the universe fun and engaging, with one ear to the ground, listening for new trends likely to engage.

In addition to the above, the X6Play has various cherished Xplora features, making it a slam-dunk selection for your soon-to-be-teen. Who doesn't love a good old list to get the complete picture? Here's one for you - with the X6Play, you and your kid will also get:

With XPLORA CONNECT, you can stay connected with your child through calls, messages, and GPS tracking, all powered by Xplora's eSIM/nanoSIM included in the box. Ensure their safety and your peace of mind.

To sum it up, you should choose the X6Play for your tween for many reasons. We could go on and on. However, the most important one is that the X6Play, like all our watches, aims to give your child a safer digital experience and a better balance between screen time and physical activity. That is hard to put a price on. 

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