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Did you know about Our Activity Platform!?!

Did you know about Our Activity Platform!?!

Get the most out of your child's smartwatch with our fun and educational activity platform - consisting of content specially designed for children!

Xplora's activity platform is a fun and motivating universe, where you and your children can participate in fun campaigns, win cool prizes, play games, bid on products, and much more! With this, we want to encourage physical activity, joy, exploration, play, and learning. It is the case that children's screen time, for better or for worse, increases with the development of new technology and thus physical activity becomes more important than ever! A good balance is not always easy, but something we strive for all our lives, and here we parents have a particularly important task; We must teach our children good and healthy values ​​that they can take with them into life.

Inspire physical play and movement!

We want to activate the children even more - and do it with play and fun! Increasing passivity is a challenge that affects many of us to a greater extent than before. More screens, more digitization of services and a far greater range of technology - not to mention digital games that many children spend a great deal of time on today.

At Xplora, we therefore want to focus on and motivate a healthy balance between screen time and physical activity. Xplora's activity platform rewards activity and thus inspires children to get off the sofa and out into the real world, resulting in a more active everyday life! Together, our users take more than one billion steps – the equivalent of walking around the world and 2,500 more steps than other children every day.

How the activity is rewarded

Xplora's smart watches have a built-in pedometer, which automatically starts at 0 every day. All the steps are recorded daily in the activity platform, where every thousand steps equals one Xplora coin, and you will be very surprised at how much the little feet move during the day! According to our survey, the children who join the platform move 20% more than children who are not active here.

The children can then use the saved coins to claim prizes in our own shop. This shop opens at 4 pm every Friday and stays open through the weekend. After that, new prizes are added every week!

Xplora collaborates with international and world-leading entertainment companies to create campaigns that children can participate in. We mention Boss Baby, Tom & Jerry, Space Jam and Sonic, as well as a collaboration with the world's largest aid organization for children - UNICEF. Through this collaboration, children from all Xplora's markets contributed to helping disadvantaged children in other countries.


Join us in giving back-- Xplora Smartwatches

Premium access to the activity platform

While Basic is available to all active Xplora customers, parents can now also choose to upgrade to Premium for their children to have unlimited access to all the fun content on the activity platform.

Which subscription is best for your child?

If you want the complete experience of our activity universe, with access to all our functions and entertainment uniquely adapted to children and their needs, then Premium is something for you and your family! However, if you only want access to a few selected functions, Basic is the right choice. Should you choose the wrong subscription and later change your mind, you can always contact us for help in switching.

This is how you take part in Xplora's activity platform

1. Go to to register a user.

2. Login with the same username and password that you use in our smart parenting app.

3 . Collect steps using the Xplora watch!

Read more and order one of our innovative smartwatches for children today!

Please let us know if you have any other questions. You can find us on all social media channels @Xplora_US

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