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8 Tips for Safer Use of Kids’ Technology

8 Tips for Safer Use of Kids’ Technology

Technology has become an unavoidable part of our everyday lives, which is why it is crucial that we teach children how to use this technology safely. As parents and caretakers, it is our job to provide our kids with guidance and boundaries when it comes to technology. An Xplora Smartwatch will help you create a safe digital experience for your little ones, while also teaching them how to benefit from available technology. 

Xplora has developed and perfected smartwatches for kids since 2016. Our GPS smartwatches are designed for children, providing a safe transition into the digital world. Today, more than 2 million parents worldwide trust Xplora for their child.

One of the most prominent functions of Xplora Smartwatches is the lack of social media and Internet access. This feature prevents children from being exposed to possibly harmful content, which is not appropriate for their age group. By limiting the access to Internet and social media, Xplora creates a safer introduction to the digital world and provides parents with more control over their children's technology use.  

Xplora Smartwatches are centered on children's safety and parents' peace of mind. Through our Xplora app, parents themselves can control things such as approved contacts and limits on screen time. Our watches also have GPS-tracking, which gives you the opportunity to stay updated on your child's real-time whereabouts. This feature gives kids the freedom to explore safely, while parents can have peace of mind. 

In addition to safety features, Xplora focuses on promoting play and creativity in children. Therefore, Xplora has developed its own platform with content tailored specifically for kids! Xplora’s Activity Platform offers games and activities that stimulate children’s imagination and learning. Parents can encourage their children to use the watch and platform to explore new interests and develop their skills. By combining technology with play, children can experience a balanced approach to their technology use.

More time, less screen. This should be a mantra for parents in today’s digital age. While technology has many benefits and can help enrich children’s lives, it’s important to maintain a balance between screen time and other offline activities. By encouraging physical activity and other non-digital activities, you can help create a healthy and diverse daily life for your children. 

As parents, it’s also crucial to be active participants in your children’s technological experiences. By engaging with them when they use technology, you can achieve several things. Firstly, you can build strong bonds and create shared experiences. You can share joy, laughter, and learning while exploring digital games, apps, and videos together. Secondly, it provides an opportunity for you to guide and supervise your children in safe and appropriate technology use. You can teach them about online safety, discuss privacy aspects, and help them develop healthy digital habits.

To summarize, here are eight general guidelines that can help us create a safe and positive use of technology for children:

  1. Parental Supervision: It’s important to supervise children’s technology use and guide them in proper, safe usage. This includes setting limits on screen time and being aware of the apps and websites children use. By being present and interested in your children’s digital lives, you can better understand their needs and protect them from potential dangers. Xplora Smartwatches come with their own Parental App that allows you to easily set limits on usage. 
  2. Privacy Protection: Privacy is a significant concern when it comes to children and technology. Make sure to familiarize yourself with privacy settings on devices and apps that your children use and limit the collection of personal data. Be aware of what information is being shared and teach children about the importance of protecting their personal information. Xplora limits children’s ability to share contact information. 
  3. Age-appropriate Content: Children should have access to content that is suitable for their age and developmental level. Use age rating systems and parental controls to restrict access to inappropriate material. There are various apps and websites specifically designed for children, and it’s important to choose them carefully.
  4. Foster Creativity and Learning: Technology can be a fantastic resource for promoting children’s creativity and learning. Choose apps, games, and programs that are educational and engaging. Allow children to explore different forms of digital content, such as programming, art, and music. This can help develop their cognitive and creative skills. Xplora has a unique and tailored platform for children aged 4-11 with appropriate content that stimulates play and learning.
  5. Promote Digital Balance: It’s important to encourage a balanced approach to technology use. Include other activities like outdoor play, social interaction, and reading in children’s daily lives. Establish rules for screen time and encourage physical activity. It’s about finding a healthy balance between technology and other important aspects of children’s lives. With an Xplora Smartwatch, it’s much easier for both children and parents to let them explore freely outdoors!
  6. Be an Active Participant: Engage with your children when they use technology. Play games, watch videos, and talk to them about their experiences. This can help create a safe and open dialogue about technology use. Show interest in what children do online and be available if they have questions or concerns. Xplora’s Activity Platform offers auctions and other content that is fun for both children and adults!
  7. Teach Online Safety: Online safety is crucial for children in today’s digital world. Teach children about online safety, including safe internet use, protection against harmful content, and how to handle online bullying. Encourage them to report issues and talk to you about any concerns. Also, teach them the importance of treating others online with respect and empathy. With an Xplora smartwatch for kids, you can avoid exposing them to the most unsafe concerns of the Internet. 
  8. Stay Informed: Technology and the digital landscape change rapidly, so it’s important to stay updated. Keep up with the latest trends and challenges related to children and technology. Stay informed about how to handle challenging situations, such as cyberbullying or sharing personal information. This will help you be prepared to guide your children in a safe and effective manner. Follow Xplora’s own blog and sign up for our newsletter!

Remember, technology is a tool, and it’s up to us as parents to guide our children in its proper use. By implementing these eight guidelines and utilizing tools like Xplora Smartwatches, we can create a balance between technology use and other important aspects of children’s lives!

Let’s create a digital world where play, learning, and safety go hand in hand. 

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