Extended warranty


Extended warranty for the X6Play or XGO3. Pre-paid for 12 months.


Extended warranty for a broken screen

Warranty for a broken screen - the following is included:
- New product of equal or better specification
- No deductible
- No deduction for age of the product
- Applies worldwide

In case of damage, this is what you do:
1. Register the damage by contacting our customer service at: https://support.xplora.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
2. We will assess the damage, and if it falls under the terms of this extended warranty, you will receive a new Xplora Smartwatch of the same or newer model.
3. Your new product will be delivered to you by post.

 Award-winning smartwatches for child safety and connectivity

Recognized for its innovation and commitment to child safety, our smartwatches provide GPS tracking, calling, messaging, and a lot more. With its prestigious accolades, The X6Play stands as a trusted choice for parents worldwide, providing a seamless integration of technology, entertainment, and peace of mind.