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Your summer checklist

Your summer checklist

Going to the swimming lake, traveling to another country, meeting new friends, looking forward to your favorite ice cream at the ice cream parlor and visiting the outdoor pool - that's summer! 

For a relaxing time - together with your Xplora smartwatch - we have collected some cool tips for the whole family:

  • Protect your skin from the sun! Especially the sensitive skin of children needs sun protection with a high sun protection factor. In high summer, sun protection factor 50 is advisable. Make sure that your cream not only protects against UVB rays but also against UVA rays. Better still, wear protective clothing and a sun hat. In general, you should avoid the blazing midday sun and stay in the shade.

  • We should not only protect our skin but also our eyes from the sun's strong rays. Children's eyes are still particularly sensitive and should be protected with dark tinted category 3 glasses or, at the seaside, with category 4 glasses. 
  • Drink enough water throughout the day. Especially when we sweat a lot, the body needs an extra portion of fluid to stay well hydrated. Fruit and vegetables with a high water content are great snacks on hot days. Fresh strawberries, watermelon, a cucumber or tomatoes are perfect.

  • Be careful not to eat too heavy a meal if you want to go swimming afterwards. After a snack, wait a while or eat a lighter meal before going into the water.

  • It is best to take off your Xplora smartwatch before applying lotion and before going into the water. The Xplora X5 Play is certified IP68 as "water resistant", but children in particular rarely keep a close eye on how long and how deep they are in the water.

! Moreover, not all water is the same: chlorine, shampoo, salt and the like impair the water resistance of technical devices and water resistance can no longer be guaranteed here.

  • Do your swimsuits still fit? Slip into your swimsuit at home before you set off to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

  • Don't forget to check the air pressure of your air mattress before dad gets comfortable on it :-) It's never a bad idea to have a pump with you.

Have you thought of everything? Then the summer holidays can come!

Xplora X5Play vacation summer holiday kids ideas active

With the camera on your Xplora smartwatch, you can take photos of the coolest moments and send them straight to grandma and grandpa. Or don't you have time for pictures because you still want to reach your step goal? With the Xplora kids' smartwatch, you can always keep an eye on your steps and climb the Goplay rankings along the way.

Don't forget to drink in between!

Do you have any other tips for a great summer? Feel free to write them down in the comments!

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