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A Safe Way to Trick or Treat!

A Safe Way to Trick or Treat!

If your child is looking for more freedom this Halloween season and you are scared to let them go off alone with their friends, the XGO3 smartwatch will be able to ease your mind!

Xplora’s XGO3 smartwach will allow you to stay connected with your child while they are off trick or treating. 

Call and Text 

It's easy to stay connected with your child while they are out and about! You can call or text to stay updated. Note that only approved contacts will be able to contact the smartwatch. Luckily you can add up to 50 contacts! 

While text messaging your child can take pictures using the camera feature and send them right away. They can also voice text or send emojis to let you know how their day is going. 

Alarm/ Notifications

Set an alarm when you want them to head home. On the parent app you can set alarms. It's a simple and easy way to let your child know they should head home. 

Location and Creating Safe Zones 

Using our Xplora Parent App you can set up geofences and get alerts when your child enters or leaves that area. The Xplora app calls these “safe zones”. You can also use the app to mark unsafe areas that you don’t want your child to visit without your knowledge. However you choose to use this feature, the zones must be at least 300 meters (nearly 1,000 feet) across. 

You can create multiple safe zone areas in the app! This is ideal for allowing your child to know which areas are safe for trick or treating or you help direct them to the best houses that hand out the best candy 🍭

Live Tracking 

The Xplora parent app also offers a feature called “Live Tracking”. 

This feature allows you to track your child's movement for 30 minutes. Be advised that live tracking also drains the kid’s watch battery a bit faster and is dependent on GPS or wifi connectivity. 

The best part is while your child is out trick or treating they are also generating their steps and converting them into xplora coins, which can be later used in our Goplay store for prizes!

Happy Halloween from the team at Xplora. We hope you all stay safe and have fun!

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