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What is school mode on Xplora watch?

What is school mode on Xplora watch?

While the children are at school, they should stay focused on their tasks, but on the way home they may need to get hold of mom or dad? In this post, we look at how you can make the best possible use of school mode on Xplora's smartwatches.

Over one million children worldwide now use an Xplora smartwatch, and it is reasonable to assume that most of these are in school. Today, very few schools allow mobile phones or personal tablets in the classroom, as these can naturally disrupt teaching and distract students. That's why many parents want to use Xplora's smartwatches when their child starts school. 

With support in the smartwatch's GPS with safe zones, SOS function, call and message functions, Xplora's products give the child more freedom and the opportunity to to develop independence in everyday life, while we parents are only a keystroke away. 

Sleep mode with SOS function

However, even if the smartwatch is perfect to have on the way to school, it is very important that the classroom and recess are earmarked for learning, play and socializing, and that the rules and guidelines relating to the use of both smart watches and mobile phones are respected. Xplora's smart watches are therefore equipped with a completely separate function that solves this problem.

Using the Xplora app, parents can set the school mode, thus putting the smartwatch in a sleep mode, where the child does not have access to do anything active - such as calling, sending messages, taking pictures or anything else. The smart clock will then only work for the student as a regular clock - which shows the time. And the argument with the teacher about putting it in the bag is a thing of the past! In addition, the SOS button will be available should this be needed. The pedometer is also active even if school mode is activated, so the child can collect steps in the same way as usual!

The parents naturally have access

According to one of our user surveys, it turns out that around 70 - 80 percent respond that a smart watch is allowed at the child's school - as long as it does not interfere with teaching.

For the parents, however, all the important functions are maintained! You can see where the child is at any time, and whether he leaves any safe zones defined via the parent app. When the school day is over, school mode ends, and the child can again call and send messages as normal. This means that the child can more easily make friends at home, go on activities alone straight after school and generally feel an increased degree of responsibility and independence within given limits.

School mode can also be used around the clock, which means that you can also limit use at night, morning, afternoon and evening. It is the parents themselves who decide when the child should have access to the smartwatch's functions. 

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To enable school mode:

  1. Open Xplora's parent app on your mobile
  2. Select the profile of the child you want to create school mode for and press "School mode" on the far right of the menu

3. Then press “New school mode” to create a school mode

4. Now set the start time (time) for when you want school mode to take effect. Scroll to the correct hour and the correct number of minutes. This time should be at the same time as, or slightly before, the first school period starts. You can create up to 15 different school modes, if you want school mode to be activated at different times from day to day.

5. Then set the end time in the same way.

6. Under the "Repeat" field, you finally define which days you want this time interval to apply to, before you save your settings.

7. In this example, we have now activated school mode from 09:00 to 14:00 on weekdays. This is indicated in red at the far right of the list view. If school mode is inactive, this will be indicated by the button changing color to grey. If you want to activate several school modes, with different times, you can now repeat the procedure.

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