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Is Your Child Old Enough for an Xplora Smartwatch?

Is Your Child Old Enough for an Xplora Smartwatch?

You may ask yourself “When is the right time to allow my child to have a phone?” If you are a parent struggling with this dilemma – know you are not alone and that we are providing the perfect alternative to a cell phone!  Xplora smartwatches are ‘phones’ that your children can wear on their wrists! Ideal for children ages of 4 and up. Learn how the smartwatch acts as a suitable companion for all kids within this age range!

Xplora for the little ones - Ages 4-5

At this age, children will learn to navigate the watch with ease. They are able to call, chat, take pictures, look at the pedometer, and more. Xplora smartwatches make communicating with family and friends fun and easy! They can do this through voice messages, emojis, and pictures! In the beginning, expect to be messaged very often by your children, they will love being able to talk to you! It is a great first step to teaching children how to communicate digitally and most importantly safely. 

We recommend using the XGO3 smartwatch as your starter watch! It's durable, easy to use, and has all the features you need. It also comes in 5 fun colors!  It's now on sale for $84.99! That's our lowest price ever! 


Xplora for Ages 6-9

This is Xplora's primary target group. This age group navigates around the smartwatch well. They get a lot of pleasure from being able to call friends and family with their own "phone"! Many parents will choose to buy an Xplora smartwatch for the start of school, which we think is very beneficial!

If you live close to your child's school, they may want to walk to and from school alone. Parents and guardians can use the GPS tracker so you can easily follow where your child is. The purpose is to create more freedom for both you and the child. In the parent app, safe zones can also be created that notify you when the child leaves or enters a safe zone. For example, when they leave home and arrive at school. 

So how about at school? For kids, it might be really tempting to play with the features of the watch - rather than paying attention in math class…. But with the school mode feature - there will be no distractions and learning can be in focus. If you want to know more about the school mode you can see it here!

Xplora for pre-teens - Ages 10 and up 

For this age group, it is a big advantage that Xplora sits securely on the arm. With Xplora, you ensure that they are always available and the "phone" is not left behind. Your child only has access to the technology they need to be accessible and safe. If they want to be online, they can use computers or tablets while you can keep an eye on the activity. Xplora is not against the internet, it is a great tool for learning and entertainment.

Xplora aims to let children be children for as long as possible. It's no secret that smartphones with the internet will give children access to a lot of information. It increases the risk of cyberbullying, sedentary screen time, and children seeing something they are not old enough to understand yet.

The challenge with Xplora for this age group is that many children between the ages of ten and twelve have smartphones and it can be seen as uncool not to have one. Have a chat about it and assess the need. If you end up with a smartphone, prepare the children for the responsibility, and the content and remember to teach them internet savvy. Perhaps you will choose to use Xplora smartwatches for a year before the child gets a smartphone, which will be a nice transition. It is also an advantage that our products are much more affordable than the latest mobile phones.

 We recommend using the X6Play smartwatch for older children! It's easy to use, has a sleek design, is more customizable, and still has all the features you need. It's now on sale for $149.99!

What do you have to think about as a parent?

When the child wants a mobile phone, Xplora is your safest option. The technology has been developed for children and to give parents an alternative to smartphones.

If you start as early as 4 years old, Xplora will give the child an easy introduction to the digital world in a fun and educational way. If you are waiting until school starts, Xplora is an advantage for the child and parents when you want to stay in touch and follow a phase where the children start to explore more on their own. Do you have slightly older children that you don't want to give a smartphone to? Talk about it at home and find a solution that makes you feel safe.

There is no conclusion here, but we hope our products will provide both you and the child with peace of mind and freedom to explore, good communication and a secure alternative to smartphones!

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