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Back To School with Xplora

Back To School with Xplora

Xplora was founded with a clear goal and a high vision: to let children explore the world safely, while parents can relax with peace of mind. Research shows that secure children have better opportunities to navigate the world. Facilitating this is something we at Xplora live and breathe for.

Around the start of the school year, many parents choose to introduce their children to their first cell phone. For many parents, a phone can be an important tool to know their child’s whereabouts at all times. This is where Xplora Smartwatches come in, designed to be your child’s first phone. By opting for a Smartwatch, you avoid all the content and features of a smartphone that are usually targeted towards young adults - content and features that your child definitely does not need. With Xplora Smartwatches, children can still be children, while adults can maintain control! You can easily define who your child can have contact with in the Parental App. In that same app, you can also see your child’s whereabouts through our GPS function. 

Our award-winning X6Play Smartwatch is equipped with:

  • GPS Location function with SOS and Safety zones
  • Call and messaging capabilities
  • Camera 
  • School Mode for distraction-free learning
  • Step counter, stopwatch and alarm
  • NO social media
  • NO Internet access
  • NO unwanted calls

Why Choose an Xplora Smartwatch for School?

Xplora provides a safe introduction to the digital world. Our Smartwatches are secure and easy to use. We have removed social media, internet access, and inappropriate content, effectively eliminating all the smartphone features that are unwanted for children. At the same time, we have retained all the essential functions (such as calls and voice messages) along with a sophisticated GPS-tracking system. This way, children and parents can focus on what’s most important: staying connected with their loved ones. 

With an Xplora Smartwatch, your child can go to and from school, and you can reach each other through the calling or texting function. Many parents we talk to find it reassuring to know that they can call their child - and, more importantly, that their child can call home if there is anything they need. 

What is School Mode?

School Mode is a setting with fixed on/off times that prevents children from using the smartwatch outside of the specified times. During these times, the smartwatch functions solely as a regular watch, and no other features are available to the child. This is all controlled by parents through the Parental App, and children cannot override this setting. This ensures that the smartwatch does not cause any disruptions in the classroom for children or teachers. The step counter continues to function even when School Mode is enabled, allowing for additional physical activity inspiration during daily life.



Good Luck with “Back to School”!

Starting school is always exciting, whether it’s your kid’s very first day or they’re growing up and starting a new class. There are usually some nerves too, which is to be expected. 

We at Xplora hope that our GPS Smartwatches can contribute to making this year’s “back to school” safer and more enjoyable for both kids and parents, and we wish you all the best!

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