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3 At Home Halloween DIY's

3 At Home Halloween DIY's

Time to get into the Halloween spirit! These quick and
easy Halloween kids crafts can be made in under 30
minutes using items that you already have around the
house! No special tools or skills are required, so
ANYONE can make these cute Halloween crafts for
kids! Great fun for the entire family!

With the camera on your Xplora smartwatch, you can
capture all of these moments! Take photos of these
projects and send them straight to any family!

Q-Tip Skeleton 

-Black construction paper
-White Crayon or White Paper (For Skull Head)

1.Cut Q-Tips to desired sizes. Get creative here! You
can position your skeleton in anyway!
2. Glue down all q-tip pieces with glue onto the
black construction paper.
3. Create your skeleton's head- You can do this by
drawing one with a white crayon or cutting one out
from white paper. Don't forget to give your skeleton
facial features!

Lollipop Ghosts!

- Rounded Lollipops
- Coffee Filters
- Small Rubber Bands
- Thin Ribbon or Wire
- Black Marker

1. Wrap the coffee filters over the lollipop, and secure
in place with a small rubber band
2. Tightly tie a piece of ribbon around the “neck” of the
ghost, fluff up the under layers of the coffee filters,
and use a black marker to draw the ghost’s face. Easy


Mummy Mason Jar


- Mason Jar/ Any Cup
- Gauze Bandage
- Googly Eyes
- Candy

1. Clean Jar before use
2. Wrap Gauze Bandage Around Cup.
3. Glue Googly Eyes on top
4. Fill with candy!

We hope you enjoyed these fun and easy DIYS! Don't forget to capture all of the moments with your Xplora Smartwatch and share them with us! Follow us on social media @Xplora_US for more.

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