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Know Your Kids are Safe with our GPS and Safety Zones!

Know Your Kids are Safe with our GPS and Safety Zones!

“Did you make it to school safely?” “Are you walking home from practice?” “Are you still at the park?” All questions you might have for your kids.If you as a parent are struggling with the idea of wanting to stay connected with your children but are not ready to hand over a cell phone, we found the perfect solution. 

Xplora's award-winning smartwatches for kids come with a ton of features that hundreds of thousands of parents and kids have embraced. Built-in GPS and the ability to create safe zones for your children is one of the options that is used extensively. Let’s explore how you can use these features to your advantage. 

The cornerstone of Xplora's philosophy is free activity for the children and security for the parents. We also know that letting the children loose, giving them the opportunity to become independent, engage in free play and be active, be with friends and feel freedom, is incredibly important for the child's development. 

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The Technology is Here!

Many children today have heard their parents and grandparents say "when we were children we went everywhere when we wanted…… We stayed out and played all day. We knew to come home once the street lights turned on". This is not the case for many children today. But the world is forever changing and we are using advances in technology to help us maneuver in everyday life. 
At the same time as we use more devices to support our life, the discussion about increased surveillance in modern society is ongoing at the same time. To what extent are parents allowed to or should they monitor their own children? How long are they allowed to or should they watch every step they take? All of these are relevant questions and issues that everyone should take seriously. Set your own limits - and find good solutions that suit your child and your family.
If you already have an Xplora smartwatch learn more about all the features so you can master your kids smartwatch!


Freedom is Healthy

Xplora's smart watches are safe and friendly, which helps manage your children's safety in a balanced way. By giving the children a smartwatch, you also give them the opportunity to learn, interact and socialize with others, without the parents running at their heels and watching like a hawk. Then we also know that it can be difficult for parents to let go, even if they know they should. For children, if you give them responsibility, this is something that will grow on and they will become more confident in themselves. 

GPS with Safe Zones

With Xplora's smartwatch, you get GPS and the ability to create custom security zones. This means that you will receive a notification when the child moves outside of what you as parents have set as a geographical boundary. You can create zones from 300-5000 meters. You will receive a push notification on your phone via the Parent App if the child moves out of the zone.

Allowing your children more independence is a huge part of any child’s development. If you already own an Xplora Smartwatch then your child has one of the market's most advanced smartwatches on their wrist. If you are on the fence about getting your child a smartwatch maybe this safety zone feature will be a good reason to convince you!


Xplora smartwatches make everyday life easier and more fun – for both children and adults. Creating Safety Zones in the Xplora Parent App is one way we help foster that growth of independence. As we mentioned in our blog about GPS and Safe Zones you can create zones from 300-5000 meters. You will receive a push notification on your phone via the Parent App if the child moves out of the zone. 

You can manage your safety zones through the Xplora app. Go to the map and click on the "S-Zone'' button. You will see all the safety zones you have created so far. If you swipe to the left, you should see the "Trash" option, which lets you delete the safety zone.

There are a number of reasons parents create safety zones. Here are some reasons why you might want to create some for your kids.

  1. Living in an area with little traffic and many walkways– Set up a larger safety zone with a good margin for traffic, and let the children enjoy themselves - if they are ready to be out alone for a bit! 

  2. Or maybe you live in a high traffic area– make sure the kids stay away from the main roads! 

  3. You can mark areas of your local park where you'd like your kids to play. 

  4. Maybe your kids hanging with friends after school - set a zone to let them know how far off they can actually go! 

  5. Create a safety zone for a walking path, if your child will be walking to school or to a friend’s home!

It’s easy to set up! 

How You Can Create Safe Zones:

  1. Open the parent app “Xplora”.

  2. Go to the profile page of the watch  you want to set a safety zone for

  3. In the top window, tap on the address where the clock is now located. Note: It must have power for this to appear.

  4. You will now get the map with a picture and a marker where the watch (and the child) is located.

  5. At the top of the screen you will see various buttons/menu options. Press the “S-Zone” option 

  6. At the top left, the option "S-Zone Edit" now appears. Select this one. 

  7. Here you will get a list of all safety zones that have been registered before. To create a new zone, press +. 

  8. Zoom in and out on the map and press on the point you want to be the center of the safety zone. This could be, for example, home, school or the home of grandparents or friends. 

  9. Give the zone a name.

  10. Choose how large a radius the zone should have. 300 meters is the smallest radius possible and 5000 meters is the largest. 

  11. Press “Save”


So what now? What can this be used for? Let's get some tips!

  • Does your child walk to or home from school? - Use the live tracking to make sure they get to their destination safely!

  • If your child is out on a school trip- you can use the app to make sure they are always safe and where they should be!

  • Tired of driving your child to practice? Allow them to bike/ walk themselves - if they are old enough!

  • Got some work to do? Something that needs fixing in the house? Let the kids go out and play – you're just a click away!

  • Your child loves to visit friends, and most of them live nearby, so they can run free in between. 

  • Maybe someone is ready to start going to school alone, but needs a bit of reassurance at first? Create a zone that runs from home to school.

  • Do you live in safe surroundings with little traffic and many walkways? Set up a larger safety zone with a good margin for traffic, and let the children enjoy themselves - if they are mature enough to be out alone for a bit!

These are just some ideas on ways you can take advantage of the GPS and Safe Zones.

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