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Now 40% of all parents use GPS to track their kids. Should you? Read all the reasons why!

Now 40% of all parents use GPS to track their kids. Should you? Read all the reasons why!

Why should I choose a smartwatch with GPS my children, you might ask yourself? The reasons are many. Xplora's smartwatches for children are equipped with GPS, providing parents with peace of mind and children with freedom. Although some critics argue that this is surveillance, there are many reasons why GPS is a great advantage in the daily life of a modern family!

How many times have you heard us, the current generation of parents, say things like "when we were kids, we ran around freely and did whatever we wanted - today, kids just stay indoors!" Times are changing, and for many, it has become difficult to let children go on adventures alone, where they can roam freely no matter where you are.

Xplora solves the problem!

Xplora app screenshot featuring GPS functionality with a map displaying location and navigation details, next to the green X6Play smartwatch

With an Xplora X6Play smartwatch for kids, you can solve both of these problems in one go! With the GPS function, you can rest assured that you can locate your child whenever you want, and your child can explore our wonderful world and create their own experiences!

A survey done by Data Privacy Day in 2022 reveals that 40 percent of all parents track their kids via GPS on their cell phone, tablet, computer or smartwatch. Last year alone there has been a 500% increase in searches online for GPS smartwatches for kids in the US! So, what is all the fuss about? 

Let's take a closer look at the main reasons why an Xplora smartwatch with GPS can make your family's daily life easier and safer! 
  • One of the biggest advantages of the GPS feature on smartwatches for children is that it gives parents the ability to know where their child is at all times. This provides a sense of security and can be especially important when the child is on their way to or from school or other activities. Parents can also use the GPS feature to find out where their child is if they are worried or if the child has gotten lost.
  • The use of GPS on smartwatches for children not only gives parents a sense of security, but can also give the child an extra sense of security when they are out playing. Children who are outdoors or on playgrounds can feel insecure or scared if they lose contact with their parents. With the GPS feature on the smartwatch, the parents can quickly locate them if they need help. This can help give the child a sense of security, mastery, and safety as they explore the world on their own.

Xplora messaging app screenshot displaying a conversation between the child and parent with colored message bubbles and timestamps, with the black X6Play smarwatch, in front.

  • Give your child more freedom and independence! Parents can allow their children to go on longer walks or explore new areas, as they will always know where their child is. This can give the child the opportunity to experience the world on their own, which is both exciting and educational. Send children out to play with friends and let them form relationships!
  • Another advantage of the GPS feature is that it can help keep the child safe. If the child is in a dangerous situation, parents can be notified via the smartwatch. This can be particularly important if the child is in a situation where they cannot call or contact their parents directly.
  • The GPS feature can also help parents set up "safe zones" or "geofences." This means that parents can set up a virtual area on the map, such as around the school or home. If the child moves outside this area, parents will be notified via the smartwatch. This can be particularly useful if the child moves to areas that parents do not want them to visit
  • Another advantage of smartwatches with GPS functionality is that they can be easier to use for younger children. Smartphones can be complex devices that require a certain degree of technical knowledge and experience to use correctly. With a smartwatch, children can easily navigate through the different functions using simple and intuitive interfaces designed specifically for children. Another advantage of choosing a smartwatch with GPS functionality over a smartphone is that it can be cheaper in the long run.
  • Another advantage of choosing a smartwatch with GPS function over a smartphone is that it can be more robust and withstand more wear and tear. Smartphones can be fragile devices that can easily break when subjected to shocks or falls. With a smartwatch, parents can be sure that the device can handle more active use, and therefore can be a better choice for children who like to be outdoors and engage in physical activities. A smartwatch is always around the child's wrist, but a smartphone is easier to put down and forget.
  • As with all technological advances, there are some who are skeptical about the use of GPS on smartwatches for children. Some believe that this is a form of surveillance of the child, and that it can limit their freedom and independence. But it is important to note that the use of GPS on smartwatches for children is not necessarily illegal surveillance, but rather a supplement that can provide parents and children with extra security in everyday life.
  • The use of GPS on smartwatches for children is voluntary. Parents themselves choose to buy a smartwatch with GPS function to keep track of their child. This means that it is not a question of illegal surveillance of children, but rather a technological solution that can give both parents and children an extra sense of security.
  • In fact, the GPS function on smartwatches for children gives the child more freedom and independence - not less. When parents know where their child is, they can be confident that the child is safe and can therefore give them more freedom to explore the world on their own. For example, the child may be allowed to walk to school or training alone, and parents can check the watch to ensure that the child has arrived safely.

  • It is also worth noting that the use of GPS on smartwatches for children can be a lifesaving technology in the event of an emergency. If the child gets lost or needs help, the GPS function on the smartwatch can make it easier for rescuers to find the child. This can be especially important in situations where the child is in an area without known landmarks or where it may be difficult to orientate.

When the GPS function is used in a responsible manner, with the child's best interests in mind, this can be a great way for parents to keep track of their child and give them more freedom, a sense of achievement, and independence!

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