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Xplora’s Goplay platform chosen to reach UN goals

Xplora’s Goplay platform chosen to reach UN goals

Trondheim, December 30, 2021:
Xplora Technologies AS (Xplora) teams with United Cities to launch a one-of-a-kind carbon-neutral city project with its unique and scalable Goplay activity platform.

Earlier this year Xplora announced an official partnership with The Geneva UN Charter Center of Excellence on SDG City Transition in Trondheim. This partnership enabled Xplora to connect with a commercial community of partners with a strong focus and commitment to the UN sustainable development goals. Xplora now announces a partnership with United Cities and will together with commercial partners contribute to the implementation and completion of the first of many Net Zero City projects.

A key goal expressed by the UN is to make 10,000 cities carbon neutral by the year 2030. United Cities is an organization working to support local and global development and to implement the UN Net Zero City goals. As an important part of this global effort United Cities has rallied partners to take lead by transforming a pilot city to be self-sufficient on renewable energy (Net Zero City) within 12 months. As this pilot moves forward, several more cities are also preparing to follow on the same path.

Xplora's digital Goplay platform will be an essential element of the project by driving engagement and knowledge transfer both globally and locally, and thereby triggering the release of investments in renewable energy by United Cities and the SDG Impact Fund. Further, the Goplay platform will be a key source of data, both for users locally as well as sponsors, Goplay platform users and other stakeholders during and after project completion.

“The Net Zero project is a great example on how we can combine sustainability and commercial interests. Not only are we able to support our vision to enable people around the world to make a positive impact by being active, but we are also demonstrating new and accretive revenue streams to our Goplay platform”, says Sten Kirkbak, CEO at Xplora Technologies AS.

All necessary agreements and initial sponsorships are in place for the first pilot project which will commence early 2022. With this first pilot Xplora facilitates the initiation and development of a series of similar Net Zero City projects supporting ESG and UN goals.

For further information please contact:
Sten Kirkbak, CEO +47 9220 3710
Mikael Clement, CFO +47 9900 8000

About Xplora Technologies AS:
Xplora is a platform and services company and an industry leader in the market for children’s smartwatches. Xplora was founded to give children a safe onboarding to the digital life and a better balance between screen time and physical activity. Xplora’s vision is to enable children around the world to experience how their everyday activities can create value and make a positive change to the world. The company is headquartered in Norway with operations in leading European markets. Xplora is listed on Euronext Growth under the ticker symbol XPLRA.

About the Sustainability Center in Trondheim:
In 2019, the UN designated Trondheim as a pioneering municipality in sustainable development. As a result, the Sustainability Center was established. The Sustainability Center is being developed in close collaboration with NTNU, SINTEF and Trøndelag County Municipality. The center has established itself as a link between the UN Program for Smart and Sustainable Cities (U4SSC), Trondheim Municipality, and other regional / national partners.

About United Cities:
United Cities is an independent not-for-profit organization set up with headquarters in Vienna, Austria. United Cities implements programs enabling international organizations, the public and global business, and financial markets to collaborate effectively in uplifting cities and communities worldwide as the world’s primary engines to realize prosperity and achieve the UN Sustainable Goals by 2030


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