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Xplora eSim smartwatch launch hits perfect storm

Xplora eSim smartwatch launch hits perfect storm

Xplora Technologies has in recent weeks commercially launched its industry pioneering eSim product X5PE in collaboration with D Telekom in Germany. The launch is result of a vast D Telekom-supported research and engineering program at Xplora Technologies and partly financed through Innovasjon Norge and EU Horizon 2020 programs.

Xplora X5PE is aggressively markedet by D Telekom through aggressive hardware subsidies and attractive connectivity offerings, backed by national media campaigns enabled through Xplora's agreement with ProSiebenSat1 Accelerator.

Demand and market reception has been extraordinary, and Xplora has since launch received several follow-up orders from D Telekom for new products with Q4 20 delivery. CEO and co-founder Sten Kirkbak comments 'we have hit a perfect storm with the timely launch of X5PE, meeting a sharply growing underlying demand for connected childrens' smartwatches with an industry-leading product at an attractive price'. Xplora has never been better equipped to leverage on its leading market position.

Xplora X5PE will be a key driver of the company's sales growth in 2020, with updated group volume expectations of more than 200.000 units this year, a leap up from 73.000 units in 2019. Xplora has experienced an accelerating increase in demand through the current year, especially after markets started opening up early summer after covid-19 lockdown across Europe. X5PE will together with the traditional sim smartwatch X5P be key volume and value drivers in the company's premium segment through 2021, which together with new entry level products are anticipated to open new channels and markets and drive vast volume growth for Xplora Technologies next year.

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