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XPLORA launches the new X5 Play, the world's first certified eSIM smartwatch with phone for children

XPLORA launches the new X5 Play, the world's first certified eSIM smartwatch with phone for children

  • Xplora X5 Play eSIM enables secure entry into mobile communication
  • Make calls and send voice messages using the watch
  • Parents keep an overview of their child's GPS position in real time on their smartphone
  • The watch motivates you to move more: #GOPLAY

Xplora presents the world's first 4G eSIM smartwatch for children, exclusively on the Deutsche Telekom network. eSIM will truly revolutionize technology and innovation requiring connectivity, says Sten Kirkbak, founder and CEO of Xplora. eSIM provides benefits for both manufacturers, service providers, telcos and most importantly the end consumers. In short, eSIM removes the traditional plastic SIM cards that end users have to manually place in the products, and lock them into one provider. With eSIM all is software based. You don’t need the physical cards, which. As a technology company it allows us to create much better onboarding and flexibility to add more services to our products with more flexibility to the end consumer says Kirkbak.

In addition, the watch has all the functions necessary for children, such as Call, Location, Security Zones and SOS, and is bundled with all security and additional services that Xplora is known for.

The X5 Play eSIM is bug-proof and complies with the legal data protection requirements.

The FBundesnetzagentur has officially confirmed that the XPLORA Smartwatches have no eavesdropping function and are therefore classified as safe.


The X5 Play eSIM is now available exclusively on the Deutsche Telekom network.

  • X5 Play eSIM with Smart Connect S Tarif:

    Price: One-time € 0.97 + € 9.70 per month from the 7th month (contract period 24 months)

  • X5 Play eSIM without contract with PrePaid Connect:
    Price: 169,95 € + PrePaid 4,95 €Exclusively in the Deutsche Telekom network

The exclusivity is valid for six months. From February 10, 2021, all network providers can be connected to the X5 Play eSIM.


Play to move the world - #GOPLAY

Never before children have been less active than they are today. Xplora wants to change that and has therefore launched the world's first Goplay activity platform that combines physical activity with entertainment. The daily activity of the child is measured via the pedometer of the watch and converted into XPLORA COINS (1,000 steps = 1 XCoin) on the Goplay activity platform, which in turn can be exchanged for entertainment and exclusive products.

With partnerships with Sony PlayStation, Paramount Pictures and the film "Dora and the Golden City" and "Spies Undercover" by 20th Century Fox, Xplora has developed a creative and effective concept that makes children aware of a balanced screen time. Campaigns like the current collaboration with One Tree Planted give children the chance to learn how your activity is making a positive difference in the world.

As with all Xplora products and services, the Goplay platform is fully GDPR compliant.


News Xplora IoT-App

The new Xplora app is connected to the Goplay activity platform. In addition to being even easier to use, it enables parents to keep track of the child's activities at any time

Furthermore, all functions, such as saving contacts or setting up the "school mode", in which the watch functions exclusively as a watch, are controlled via the app. In addition, all current #GOPLAY campaigns are displayed and medals are awarded for the child's activity.



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