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PlayStation and XPLORA team up to encourage physical activity amongst players

PlayStation and XPLORA team up to encourage physical activity amongst players


  • XPLORA and PlayStation are developing the first video game that converts physical  activity into in-game rewards  
  • Walking, running, and involvement in sports result in enhanced enjoyment of Aces of the  Multiverse, an upcoming game available on PlayStation 4

Madrid, February 7th, 2019 XPLORA, the Norwegian technology company known for its  smartwatch range for children, has partnered with Sony Interactive Entertainment Spain (SIE  España) to develop the very first video game that syncs with a smartwatch, with in-game perks  being rewarded for physical activity in the real world. The XPLORA 3S, the company’s most  recent smartwatch for children, features a pedometer that logs exercise - such as walking or  running - within an app, and converts it into level-ups, new powers, and new characters that  are redeemable in the upcoming PlayStation 4 title ‘Aces of the Multiverse’.  

As the first IP owned by XPLORA, the game will encourage players to be more active in their  everyday lives. The XPLORA 3S is a smartwatch for children that gives parents and children the  ability to communicate in a safe and easy way without compromising security and fun. The  device allows both parents and children to make phone calls and send text messages with  emojis to pre-approved contacts via the parental app. Safety zones can also be set by the  parent, allowing them to monitor their children’s whereabouts. The XPLORA app (available on  iOS and Android) can be used to set time limits for gameplay, receive updates on their children’s  physical activity, and track their in-game progress.  

Jorge Huguet, CMO of PlayStation Iberia for the Mediterranean, Adriatic and Balkan areas,  adds: “By merging technology, a healthy lifestyle, and safety, we and XPLORA are creating a  new multimodal entertainment experience that can be enjoyed both outdoors and when you get  home and turn your PS4 on. We are looking forward to seeing how these two dimensions of our  players’ lives come together and create new synergies.” 

The XPLORA 3S device, along with the rest of its portfolio of products, will be available for a  hands-on demo at the XPLORA stand (8.0H37) at the Mobile World Congress 2019 held in  Barcelona, 25th-28th February. There will be an Aces of the Multiverse demo available later this  year and the game will be released in Spain in late 2019.

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