Xplora Technologies files first patent application

Xplora Technologies AS filed its first patent application with the UK Patent Office on 29 April 2020.

The UK patent application No 2006303.8 'Method and Apparatus for motion data analysis' is a cornerstone filing in building the company's patent portfolio and thereby also securing our competitive edge. The key elements of this filing comprise the process of collecting, categorizing, analyzing and converting step data to build tangible value/currency (i.e. Xplora coins). The innovation and technology behind this patent filing is a key enabler and driver of Xplora's Goplay activity platform.

Xplora has for some time been working closely with Dehns patent and trade mark attorneys in London on a number of patent filings. We strive to add to yesterday's filing with several complimentary filings in the current year.

See the patent here.