Are kids allowed to wear smart watches in school?

Yes and no, it depends on the schools rules and guidelines. The degree to which U.S. schools choose to regulate smartphone and watch usage varies greatly, ranging from device rules to classroom bans (Gao et al., 2014). Studies have found that ownership of smartphones correlates negatively with reading habits and ability among elementary school students (Kim & Park, 2014). To many teachers, the entry of smartphones into the classroom must be revised. 

However, U.S. schools implement smart device strategies, like BYOD (Bring your Own Device), where students can bring digital devices for learning. Many schools allow students to bring smart devices into the classroom with the agreement that students keep their devices off and in their backpack to minimize distractions. During state standardized testing it is also advised in most states that the smart devices are left at home. Of course it is best to check with you school on their official policy on smart devices.