X5 Play - Protection Bundle

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  • X5 Play - Protection Bundle

X5 Play - Protection Bundle

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The X5 Play is Xplora’s premium kids smartwatch where you can stay in contact and get rewarded for being active! The watch does not feature social media and can not receive any unsolicited calls as all the contacts are managed in the app. GPS Location tracking, safe zones and school-mode, which disables the interactive features whilst in class, are other features included on the device! 

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Buy the X5 Play and get a screen protector and a one-year FREE warranty.
Read the terms for the extended warranty here.

The X5 Play comes bundled with an Xplora Connect SIM card.

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    • 4G, 3G, 2G
    • Android 4.4 OS
    • #GOPLAY Compatible
    • 0.3MP Camera
    • Waterproof IP67
    • 700 mAh Battery
    • 1.4” TFT


    The XGO2 uses multiple services to view the location of the smartwatch. There is the option to set up security zones in key locations such as home and school. In an emergency, the child can press the SOS button to inform the saved emergency contacts about their location.


    The XGO2 Smartwatch can make and receive calls to pre-approved contacts. In addition, your child can receive text messages, voice messages, emojis, and respond equally.


    Take pictures with the watch! The 0.3MP front-facing camera on the XGO2 gives your child the ability to take pictures. They can share the pictures with you throughout their day, keeping you up to date on what they are doing. Store pictures in the gallery and set custom backgrounds.


    Never before have kids been less active than today, and we would like to change that. Children should stay active, investigate, and explore the world, which is why we are launching the world’s first activity platform combining physical activity with entertainment for kids.

    Xplora’s history and reputation as being one of the safest and most trusted companies to produce wearables designed for children have allowed the company to be pioneers in this space.

    Announcing partnerships with Sony PlayStation, Paramount Pictures’ “Dora and the Lost City of Gold” movie and Fox Movies’ “Spies in Disguise”, Xplora is demonstrating that multiple renowned brands are already looking to innovative companies that can creatively and effectively deliver concepts that tackle the unbalanced screen time issue. Our Xplora activity platform will encourage children to spend more time taking part in physical activities offline, in exchange for virtual rewards that can be redeemed online via a gaming platform.


      • The XGO2 comes with a pre-installed Xplora Connect SIM card.
      • The XGO2 Device is 4G, 3G & 2G Enabled.

    The X5 Play comes bundled with an Xplora Connect SIM card. The SIM card is easily activated by scanning the barcode in the Quick User Guide.

    In the activation process you will have three different contract options.

    • 2 year plan - $7.99 per month
    • 1 year plan - $9.99 per month
    • Pay as you go - $11.99 per month

    The Xplora Connect SIM comes with unlimited data & voice.

    • Data is how your device will be able to access the GPS location of your Xplora watch.
    • Text is how you will be able to send text messages / SMS to your Xplora watch.
    • Voice is needed for calling to your Xplora watch, which comes with a built-in microphone.


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