Why is the X5 the perfect Christmas gift?

Why choose the X5 as this year’s Christmas present?
It can be a challenge buying gifts for kids—whether you’re a parent, a grandparent, or other. But the right present can bring so much joy.
In this article, we want to share our best Christmas present tips for kids from the age of 4 and up.
“We are so happy with Xplora! With the safety it gives us parents and all of the functions which are perfectly adapted to kids, we recommend it!”
- May Linn Nirisrud
What makes the X5 smartwatch a great choice? 
As we said, buying gifts for kids isn’t the easiest. If you want to succeed, it’s about buying the things kids really want. And many kids from 4 years and older wish for a phone.
Getting the first phone is an important and big moment. With smart choices, this experience can be a great one from start to end. That is why so many parents are recommending the X5 as their kids' first phone and a perfect alternative to normal smartphones.
The development of smartphones has been extreme in the last decade. However, most of the functions are designed to meet adults' needs and most smartphones are not created for kids.
With the X5, we have developed a new mobile phone solution adapted for what kids need, without connection to the internet. They can call and text people in their contact list. In the parent app, you can define who your child will be in contact with, and you get information about where your child is.
All of this is put in place while adapting to your child's lifestyle. It is a watch that stays comfortably on your wrist. It is practical and does not fall off, even with an active everyday life. 
“Super happy girl with her Xplora smartwatch
Zahra loves taking pictures with it and calling mom when she takes the school bus, making sure mom is at the bus stop.
Calmness in mom's heart and great safety for the kids!!
We <3 @Xplorawatch”
- @sssbeena
One of the kids' favorite functions in the X5 is a camera that can take pictures and videos. In that way, kids get the opportunity to document important moments and can share them with their contacts. Here you can read more about the camera function in the X5. 
This makes an X5 watch a great Christmas gift in our eyes. 
For our parents, it is important that the X5 are a safe introduction to the mobile phone world, with no social media, access to the internet, or inappropriate content. Instead, we want our watches to focus on what is important for the children—keeping connected with their loved ones.
Handling all the activities in a modern family is a challenge for most. With the X5 your child can always reach you and you will always know where they are at with the unique GPS-function. Also, you can put up safe zones (like school or at home) in the parent app, which sends you a notification if your child leaves the safe zone.
This sets a good starting point for sending the kids out on their adventures and helps to build independence.
It also helps to reduce screen time. The smartwatch combined with the GoPlay platform helps children to stay active, healthy, and curious. 
An active child is a healthy child, and with X5 on their wrist and participating in the GoPlay campaigns, they take more steps than their peers. Also, the health benefits of staying active are keeping children happy and safer, according to health organizations. Doctors also mention that more active children are less likely to get depression, anxiety, and development delays. 
A Christmas gift that motivates more activity. 
Children are being rewarded for staying active with the step counter in the smartwatches. By combining online and offline worlds, it encourages healthy play and activity, while also allowing them to earn coins in the GoPlay shop
But do children really want to run, walk and play just to buy something in a webshop? Our numbers say YES! Children who use the GoPlay platform take more than twice as many steps as their peers.
In other words, this gift will continue to spread joy for many years and will form healthy values for life. 
Were you inspired?
We hope that we have helped you by sharing our experiences. For us, it is important to find Christmas gifts that encourage activity, reduce screen time, and lets children be children. Do you have any suggestions for other gifts that can achieve the same? 
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