NEWS! Check out our new Xplora XGO2 smartwatch for kids!

A smartwatch for children that provides a safer introduction to the digital world! Xplora XGO2 for children is perfect for the family who wants to go for a cheaper smartwatch. We have chosen to keep many of the most important functions, such as mobile phone, GPS tracking, school mode and SOS button. The XGO2 meets all GDPR requirements so that you and your child get a good and safe experience of the smartwatch.

A safer everyday life?

Xplora XGO2 has, like the Xplora X5 Play smartwatch for children, nor access to either social media or the internet - we believe that children have nothing to do here without adults having control over its use. You manage the smartwatch from a separate parent app, where you can decide who can contact the child and vice versa; who the child can call and text. This contributes to increased control and greater security for many parents, and many are highlighted as some of the best with a smartwatch from Xplora. Xplora XGO2 has a built-in pedometer that tracks children's steps. The steps provide Xplora coins that can be used in our activity platform Goplay. This platform aims to motivate children to be active. By participating in competitions on the platform, it is also possible to win cool prizes! All you have to do is get an Xplora device, log in to Goplay and be active! XGO2 is perfect for the active family who wants a cheaper model. Xplora is perfect for children aged four years and up, until the parents think the children are ready for a regular smartphone. If you buy an Xplora early, you will see that the need and use of the watch develops with the child. Buy and read more about Xplora XGO2 here!

So what exactly are the differences between Xplora XGO2 and Xplora X5 Play?

The XGO2 smartwatch for children is a cheaper model than our X5 Play. The XGO2 has a simpler design, but has taken care of many of the features that X5 Play has. Both smartwatches have a call and SMS function, GPS tracking, pedometer and the XGO2 has a camera with a slightly lower image resolution than the X5 Play. XGO2 comes without the video function that X5 Play has, as well as somewhat smaller battery capacity, a slightly lower memory and a somewhat lower water resistance. XGO2 has a flashlight - which is a completely new feature. We think this will be a favourite with the kids! Both XGO2 and 5X Play have the network connections 2G, 3G and 4G, school mode and SOS button. And of course, Xplora follows the GDPR regulations so you do not have to worry about saving or the pictures ending up on the internet. Click here to read more about our news, XGO2 for children here! To read more about our high-end model Xplora X5 Play, click here.


Xplora for the little ones - age 4-5 years

At this age, the user experience turns out to be that the children understand how to navigate the clock very intuitively. They are able to call, take pictures, look at pedometers and so on. They get great pleasure from being able to contact family and friends - in the beginning you will probably experience being called often! It is good practice for the child to use a mobile phone and be able to communicate digitally, in many learning situations in kindergarten and school, digital aids are an important part and a great resource today.

The GPS or SOS button will probably not be used as often considering that four- and five-year-olds do not walk around that much on their own. The watch can be nice to have if the children wander a bit away in shops or other places. Children can look at the smartwatch more as a toy than a communication tool at this age.

It's still fun - and a great introduction to the digital world.

Buy and read more about Xplora XGO2 here!

School children with Xplora - age 6-9 years

This is the primary target group for Xplora when it comes to children. Many parents choose to buy the smartwatch for the start of school.

Most children look forward to starting school, but like all people, they may feel a little anxious about new experiences. If you live close to the school, they may also have to go home alone eventually. Here, the smartwatch becomes a good security because mum or dad is just a keystroke away! We have also received good feedback that children who experience bullying or exclusion feel safer with Xplora.

School mode means that the smartwatch does not interfere with the school day for the children. You decide the times it should be in school mode, and then it will be a regular digital clock with an SOS button that contacts you if there is anything.

The age group navigates well around the smartwatch - even better than the four- and five-year-olds. They get a lot of pleasure from being able to call friends and family with their own "mobile"! Mostly they use the Xplora watch to call or send a voice message to parents to ask for permission to do something. You decide which contacts can be called in the parent app, and the watch does not have internet access or addictive apps like social media. You do not have to worry about strangers being able to contact the child or that pictures will go astray, which is a major concern many parents share today - a concern that is unfortunately quite real and important to deal with for those parents with children who have a regular smartphone.

This is an age group that is increasingly beginning to explore the world on their own. Through the GPS tracker and the call function, you can easily keep track of where your child is. Unsure about keeping track of kids in GPS? It's not that different from following them everywhere or calling them all the time. The purpose is to create more freedom for both you and the child. In the parent app, safe zones can also be created that notify you when the child leaves or enters a safe zone. For example, when they leave home and arrive at school.

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Before the teens - age group 10-12 years

For this age group, it is a great advantage that Xplora sits securely on the arm. They are often out on several leisure activities or with friends. With the smartwatch, you ensure that they are always available and the "mobile" is not left in the training bag or forgotten on the bus! The child only has access to exactly the technology they need to be accessible and safe. If they want to be online, they can use computers or tablets while you can keep an eye on the activity. Xplora is not against the internet, it is a very good tool for learning and entertainment, but we believe that it is very important with correct and controlled use according to age and individual.

Xplora aims to let children be children for as long as possible. It is no secret that smartphones with internet will give kids access to a lot of information. It increases the risk of cyberbullying, sedentary screen time and children seeing something they are not big enough to understand yet. 

The challenge with Xplora for this age group is that many children between the ages of ten and twelve have smartphones and it can be seen as ugly not to have them. Talk about it and look at the need. If you end up with a smartphone, prepare the children for the responsibility, the content and remember to teach them online skills. Maybe you have the smartwatch for a period before the child gets a smartphone - which will be a nice transition. Therefore, it is also an advantage that our products are much cheaper than the latest mobile phones.

What do you as a parent need to think about?

When your child wants a mobile phone, the Xplora smartwatch is your safest option. The technology is developed for children and to give parents an alternative to smartphones, or the older mobile variants with few features that are forgotten on the playground or school.

If you start as early as 4 years, the smartwatch will give the child an easy introduction to the digital world in a fun and educational way. If you are waiting for school to start, it is an advantage for the child and parents when you want to keep in touch and follow a phase where the children start to explore more alone. Do you have slightly older children that you do not want to give a smartphone to? Talk about it at home and find a solution that makes you feel safe.

There is no final word here, but we hope that our smartwatches will bring both you and the child security, good communication and a secure alternative to the smartphone!

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